What makes JB3 Rods & Lip Rip Lures different / unique?

As passionate outdoorsmen, we take the utmost amount of pride in the products we produce and sell. Thousands of hours have been spent developing all of our JB3 Rods and each Lip Rip Lure to ensure the absolute best products possible. In fact, our Production Staff builds every single Series Two, Blackout Series & Saltwater Series rod, along with many of the Lip Rip Lures, by hand at our facility in Texas. We continue to support all of our products and customers with a world class, live customer service team, whose mission is to serve and support you. JB3 and Lip Rip were built from passion, while the ever growing team continues to be obsessed with making the best products possible for each and every one of our valued customers.

What are the key differences between our JB3 Rods?

Series One features an ergonomic reel seat that allows you to have increased sensitivity through direct blank contact. Series One also has color coordinated handles that represent the rod's power. The green camp represents the heavy power rods, red camo represents the medium heavy power rods, and the urban camo represents the medium power rods. Series One offers 10 SKUs that cover almost all applications in bass fishing. 

Series Two is proudly made in the USA with no frills, only performance. This series was built to help elevate all angler’s ability on the water. Series Two rods feature a fighting hurt and handle that is made from the highest quality of cork found: Premium Grade-A cork. The Premium Grade-A cork handle is coupled with an ergonomic reel seat that give the angler direct blank contact while offering a comfortable feel. Each rod is also hand spined before guides are placed on the rod by hand. Every single guide is straightened, wrapped, and epoxied by hand to give each rod the individual attention that they deserve. The Series Two assortment offers both general purpose rods as well as rods for specific applications. Series Two offers 12 SKUs within the assortment that cover every application needed to chase largemouth bass. 

Blackout Edition is proudly made in the USA and features a minimalist, sleek design. The series features a black EVA handle and fighting butt that is paired up with an ergonomic reel seat that is designed to naturally place your hand in the location that provides the most blank contact. Every Blackout Edition rod is hand spined to insure that the rod does not rotate in the anglers hand on the hook set or when fighting the fish. Blackout Edition rods also feature guides that are both wrapped, straightened, and epoxied by hand. The Blackout Edition rods get a little more application specific and offer 8 SKUs that cover a wide range of applications. 

Saltwater Series features like its handle length and specs of the rods are what sets the Saltwater Series apart the most from the other few series of rods we offer. The handles are shorter on the saltwater rods to help keep the rod from dragging in the water when wade fishing, but the handles are also long enough to get leverage while fighting those powerful saltwater fish. The saltwater rods also come in three different blank colors based on the SKU.

Why do Series One rods utilize different camo patterns on the foregrip, handle, and fighting butt?

The different colored camos utilized on the Series One rods symbolize the rod’s power rating. The green camo represents the heavy powered rods, the red camo represents the medium heavy powered rods, and the urban camo represents the medium powered rods.

What is the difference between power and action?

Action describes the “deflection point” whereas Power describes the rod’s resistance to the deflection. A rod that has a “fast action” will have a deflection point much closer to the tip whereas a rod with a slower action will have a deflection point farther from the tip. For reference, we've created a graphic to illustrate the differences in actions. 


Which rod would be the best option for an all-purpose / general fishing rod?

Then looking for an all-purpose / general purpose fishing rod, we recommend the industry standard which would be a 7’0 / Medium Heavy / Fast action rod. We have two options to fit the bill. The Series One "Ace" was built for any level of angler that wants to keep their budget around the $135 price range. "Ace" features a single piece reel seat and a red, EVA foam handle.

The Series Two "Vanquish" was designed to be a more sensitive, refined version of the Series One “ACE”, that comes in at the $200 price range. "Vanquish" features a premium grade cork handle and a modern, sleek design. Both rods are a must have on any fishing trip!

The Blackout Edition "Vanquish" was built to bridge the gap between Series One and Series Two. It features a single piece seat, with a black EVA fighting butt and handle, and falls in the $170 price range for the angler that wants a step up from our Series One, without breaking into Series Two.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, ELO, Diners Club, Facebook Pay and Google Pay.