Over the years, I’ve found that it’s not that difficult to design a bass rod for one specific technique. There can be less variables with design when you have less variables with technique or application. Creating or designing something that is not just good, but great, for many different things; now that can provide a challengeToday, we’re looking at the General-Purpose rods we offer within the Series Two lineup of rods.  

Vaquero: 6’10 / Medium Heavy / Moderate Fast 

Vanquish: 7’0 / Medium Heavy / Moderate Fast  

Thoroughbred: 7’2 / Medium Heavy / Fast 

Series Two Vaquero

We’ll get started with “Vaquero”. This is a 6’10 medium heavy rod with a moderate fast action. This is the type of rod that you can count on to do so many different things. It’s incredibly lightweight and accurateIt’s perfect for hitting the auto pilot on the trolling motor and targeting shallow cover, skipping docks or overhangs, and running moving baits parallel to the bank. For me, I love the Vaquero for several techniques, including underspins & small swimbaits, lighter Texas rigs & finesse jigs, even weightless flukes and shakey heads.  

Below is a video showing the rod in action. We started with an underspin, however, ended up switching over to a lighter Texas rig worm. There are so many features and benefits to this rod, however, the video really shows its accuracy and ability to handle big, powerful fish.  

Series Two Vanquish

Next, we’ll take a closer look at the “Vanquish”. This is a 7’0 medium heavy rod with a moderate fast action. Very similar to Vaquero, but at a full 7’0 overall length. The Vanquish is also incredibly lightweight, accurate and sensitive. The 7’0 length does give you a bit more casting distance and leverage, compared to the 6’10 Vaquero. The Vanquish is also an excellent choice for moving baits up to about ½ ounce or so, while remaining very effective for finesse jigs and Texas Rigs.  

Below is a video showing this rod off. It didn’t take long to get hooked up with the worm we tossed around, but you’ll be able to see the sensitivity and backbone this rod offers.  

Series Two Thoroughbred

We’ll finish up with the wildly popular “Thoroughbred”. This is a 7’2 medium heavy rod with a fast action. If you throw a lot of swim jigs and bladed jigs (chatterbaits), this rod is a must have for you. It’s got the power & backbone you’d need for horsing fish out of some grass and timber, with an action that gives the rod extreme sensitivity and accuracy.  

Below is a video that does show the rod off, however, this is one of those rods that you just simply have to put in your hand and use it to fully appreciate it.  

September 20, 2023 — Britton Boyd