In the Medium power lineup, we have one rod. The "Rip Stick" is a 7’0 Medium rod with a moderate fast tip. This rod is super versatile in the way that it is designed to be a 0-8 ft moving bait rod, but can handle smaller shakey heads and wacky worms. Medium powered rods are always going to have more parabolic bend into the blank than a medium heavy would. The parabolic bend of the Rip Stick allows it to be an outstanding shallow cranking rod with the added benefits of throwing light soft plastics.



Medium Heavy

The medium heavy rods are really good at doing almost everything. In the medium heavy class, we have a lineup of rods that can just about handle all of your general applications. Every rod in the medium heavy class will have enough power to handle big fish around cover, but will have a soft enough tip to throw lighter baits. Whether you are looking to throw underspins, spinnerbaits, texas rigs, jigs, topwater, shallow crankbaits, etc. the medium heavy rods will have you covered.

An extremely underlooked rod in this power class is the “El Gordo”. It is a 7’6 medium heavy with a moderate fast tip. This rod is designed with a longer handle so it can throw crankbaits 0-15ft but also has enough tip to handle throwing a texas rigged worm. It is one of my favorite rods in the entire Series One.



If you are looking to throw any kind of lighter moving baits but have a rod that handles small Texas rigs and shaky heads, the “Action Jaxn” is for you.



If you are someone that needs a rod to throw those Texas rigs, shaky heads and jigs up to ⅜ around cover, then you might just want to pick up a “Josephus”.



Other rods within the medium heavy are the “Trick Shot” which is your 6’6 medium heavy with a fast tip and the “Ace” which is a 7’0 medium heavy with a fast tip.

The “Trick Shot” shines for me when skipping a whacky worm under docks or around cover because a huge player around the spawn.



With that being said, the “Ace” is your all purpose medium heavy that can a large range of applications being it the 7’0 do all rod.



Heavy rods are also thought of when it comes to heavy cover. All of the Series One heavy rods are specifically designed for just that.

Starting off, we have the “Bone”. It is a 6’10 heavy with a fast tip. The shortened rod with heavy power allows you to skip and work frogs in tight, heavy cover. It was plenty of backbone to horse fish out of tight cover, but a soft enough tip to still work a baits such as a frog.



The “Smoke Pole” is a 7’0 heavy with an extra fast tip. One of the JB3 teams favorite use of this rod is fishing a magnum fluke around brim beds and wood. It can also be extremely useful for sight fishing big fish that you want to get in your net fast.



Lastly, there is the “Dinosaur Catcher”. It is a 7’3 heavy with an extra fast tip. This rod is useful for punching and flipping in heavy heavy cover. There is only one word to describe this rod and it is powerful. The “Dinosaur Catcher” will pull the biggest of fish out of the heaviest of cover.


September 25, 2023 — Britton Boyd